Rewalsar Lake


Trees flicker between shadow and silhouette upon temporary slopes, lost in the impression of a Chinese landscape, brushstrokes upon the opaque air. Somewhere below, punctuated by prayer wheels and the occasional car, pilgrims still circle the lake, bells are rung. Here, the path almost silent, sounds become disembodied, drifting upon cloud, as footsteps climb further into the quieted landscape. Continue reading “Rewalsar Lake”



At some point you leave the page you arrived on. Finding yourself upon the edge of another city of the same name: a city of many names; Benares, Kashi, Varanasi, avatars and incarnations of this living place. And then you step into the alleys, a labyrinth of sorts winding into themselves, stepping out of the date upon which you entered them, stepping out of the flow. Confused and mapless you, maybe, find a sign to somewhere you’ve read about, an arrow scrawled upon a wall. Continue reading “Varanasi”