Mekong sunset, Vientiane




This morning the sun rose upon the three waters. Expectation, a woven memory of solitude and calm, I walked through the remnants of the place I’d known, towards the ghats. Stumbling through the first stirrings of stallkeepers around the market, only half aware of them as past and present become a fluid thing; a plasma mixing and merging the senses until there was no difference to be felt. Unless it be on the periphery.


Down to the harbour, through the bleary halflight of the alleys. Down to the harbour, through the temple. Fifteen years ago I made the same journey: another self, drifting uncharted between the tidepools of some hippy dream. Continue reading “Kanyakumari”

night train to Chennai



The night train from Kochi to Chennai winds it’s way through the city, passes through the early evening traffic, casts echoes upon the boundaries of the guiding walls. Upon these tracks merging with roads and yet, already, partially freed from the gathering humidity, the sudden twilight falls; the traffic become points of dusty light, the streets haze into darker shadows. Sitting by a window, darkness falling, listen as the rails beat out their siren song: the rhythm of departure and arrival. Continue reading “night train to Chennai”